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As you know our self service page, Defcon Room, is based on a web service that allow to integrate Rss flux on a web page,

And since 3 day that service no more work, so of course I have wrote to the support team,

And as alway they didn't fix the issue, or even reply to me,

This is why i wrote this little article, just to warn possible customer of this service

That Rss include is just the worst company I ever saw on internet in 30 year of computing,

But as they are the only one company to offer this kind of service, they just don't care...

So be patient, the service will ...perhaps... get back to normal...

Update 16.10.2018 : Crashed again since 24h still not fixed.

Update 19.10.2018 : Rss include still not have fixed his service after 3 days of outage, so we moved to a new RSS provider and we are very happy with them (you can pay monthly) https://feed.mikle.com/

Kind regards,